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I just got my Wasatch skillet, what do I do?

I just got my Wasatch skillet, what do I do?

So, you just received your Wasatch skillet and that enticing bronze surface is staring back at you, just asking to be cooked in. You ask yourself, "where do I even begin with this?" Have no fear, this post is going to take you step by step through a couple different methods for getting started!

First off, at its core, Wasatch is a cast iron pan. One thing cast iron is known for, is its ability to recover from the harshest of conditions. So if you make a mistake, think you messed up, or it's not going the way you thought, don't sweat it. The number one thing you should remember about cast iron is that it will get better the more you cook with it. That goes for every piece of cast iron cookware out there.

There are two different ways you can approach the "first use" with your Wasatch skillet. The first, allows you to grow with your Wasatch skillet and you can watch it change with every use. The second, will get you to a mature seasoning, quickly.  Whatever method you choose, know that there is no right or wrong way to cook with your skillet, it's going to get better after each use! 

Method 1

Give your pan a quick rinse, and dry, straight out of the box, and it's ready to go. No seriously, it's that easy. A couple good things to start off with: caramelizing a heap of onions, deep frying... anything, cornbread is a common favorite. Pretty much anything that uses a lot of FAT will work great. We'd also recommend not getting too hot for a while (medium is a great start). You're trying to build a seasoning, not burn the house down. After your first use, simply wipe your pan out, brush a thin layer of oil across the surface to protect it and put it away until next time. Every time here on out follow the 1, 2, 3 method. 

1) Preheat your pan and brush a small amount of oil across the surface.

2) Cook!

3) Wipe your pan clean, and brush a thin sheen of oil across the surface. 

You're immediately going to notice your pan changing after its first use. Everything you see, no matter how strange it may look, is normal. This is where you get to grow with your Wasatch skillet. It can take some time to get your pan to a rich, dark patina. That's okay, because every layer of seasoning will hold a memory, a story, a meal, and that's all part of the 'love' in cooking. 

Method 2

Same as method 1, you're going to rinse and dry your pan. This is where we go in a different direction, you're going to need to block out a casual, quiet day for this one. This method is great for rainy days, mental health days, lazy Sundays, and all the days in between where you have 6-7 hours of just hanging around the house.

Go ahead and start early by preheating your oven to 425°. Once your oven is preheated, take your bottle of oil, and remove the cap. Take a folded paper towel and place it over the opening of the oil, hold the paper towel tight to the top and flip the bottle upside down for a second. This will put enough oil on your paper towel for seasoning. Wipe a thin sheen of oil across the entire surface of the pan (don't forget those pour spouts). Now, place it in the oven, upside down for 1 hour. After an hour is up, take the pan out, and repeat the bottle flip and wipe method. Toss your pan back in the oven (upside down) for another hour. Repeat this 6, 7, even 8 or 9 times and you're going to see a rich, dark patina develop across your pan surface.

At the end of the day, you'll have a Wasatch skillet that has a mature seasoning that is ready for cooking. Like Method 1, we still recommend not going too hot for a while as you get used to cooking in your new pan (medium heat is a great start). Happy cooking! 

P.S. If you read this far and either don't have a Wasatch skillet, or are thinking of adding to your collection, look no further!

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  • Used method #2. I think I put too much olive oil on. How do I fix?


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